2017 Latin America Forum

The New Digital Workplace

Unlocking Opportunities to Achieve Business Outcomes and Drive Organizational Change

May 24–26, Miami

Plenary Sessions

Keeping up with changes in the work experience is a challenge for many organizations. These plenary sessions will give you valuable insights and key success factors for implementing a digital workplace strategy capable of driving true cultural change.

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Keynote Address: The Employee Experience Advantage – Why Organizations That Invest in Employee Experience Crush Those That Don't

Employee engagement scores have never been lower, but investment in these programs is at its highest. Why such a disconnect? For most organizations, employee engagement has become an adrenaline shot designed to boost engagement scores in the short term. It comes in the form of perks such as free food, comfortable offices and the ability to work from home a few days a week. Employee experience, on the other hand, is a long-term solution that helps design an organization with people at its center. Instead of forcing employees to adapt to outdated workplace practices, experiential organizations develop new workplace practices around their people.

In this session, Jacob will share research from his latest book, The Employee Experience Advantage, to shed light on what employee experience is, how organizations are designing it and how much ROI companies can expect.

Jacob MorganBest-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Futurist

Reimagining the Employee Experience and Our Digital Workplace: A Mercer Perspective

Employees expect their employers to provide sophisticated digital tools to enable them to focus on their work and develop fulfilling careers. How can employers ensure they're designing experiences that will engage employees and win the talent war?

The digital age has afforded many opportunities to enable employees to work remotely and on the go while improving their ability to build their networks, collaborate with their clients, and share content and learning opportunities. What is the digital workplace road map — critical to success in the next five years?

Barney LoehnisGlobal Digital Leader, Mercer

Eric GutierrezHead of Compensation & Benefits, Capital One

Mend the Gap: How to Bring Financial Security to an Aging Workforce in Latin America

Global retirement systems play a critical role in society and impact virtually every major stakeholder group as well as the broader economy and financial system. Historically, public and private institutions managed and pooled the risks of individuals and guaranteed certain outcomes to individual participants, but that system has slowly been supplanted by one where each individual is personally responsible for his or her retirement and financial well-being.

This is a serious concern in Latin America, as, in general, there is a limited retirement savings culture, the social security systems provide limited coverage and are generally underfunded, and the population is aging. Retirement readiness has become a critical topic for organizations across the region to support a multigenerational workforce, succession planning, attraction and retention.

In this session, we highlight key aspects of Mercer's latest research and explain what these evolving trends mean for the future of retirement. We discuss what stakeholders can do to drive change — from the individual level to the corporate level to the government level. In this discussion, we also share an overview on public and private systems tracked by the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index (MMGPI), the world's most comprehensive comparison of global pension systems, measuring 27 systems against more than 40 indicators to gauge their adequacy, sustainability and integrity.

David AndersonPresident, Growth Markets Region, Mercer

André MaxnukPrincipal – Mexico, Mercer

Mercer Global Talent Trends Study 2017 — Empowerment by Design: Today's Business Imperative

The world has changed — and, globally, organizations are changing with it. They seek to create agile, more nimble companies with the ability to learn and respond. But how do you achieve this change?

During this interactive session, we discuss how artificial intelligence and robotics are shaping the nature of jobs and how organizations are evolving in response. We also share talent strategies that can help future-proof your business, along with the skills that are most in demand today.

Find out how C-suite executives, HR professionals and employees around the world are adapting and thriving in this rapidly changing environment.

Topics include:

  • The Disconnect: The C-Suite and HR on the Future of Work
  • Leading on the New Deal: What to Focus on to Attract Top Talent
  • Building a Resilient Organization: How to Mitigate Risk and Build to Adapt

Kate BraveryPartner – Hong Kong, Mercer

Juliana Van WaverenCareer Director – Mexico, Mercer

Client Case Study – A Data-driven Approach for Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness and Employee Engagement

This talk explains the conceptual and empirical links between leader personality, employee engagement and organizational effectiveness. Using the Engaging Leader tool recently developed by Mercer | Sirota and Hogan Assessments, the presenters illustrate how a scientific and data-driven approach to understanding leaders and their teams can enhance self-awareness and, in turn, leader effectiveness.

Tomas Chamorro-PremuzicCEO, Hogan

Patrick HylandHead of R&D, Mercer Sirota

Panel Discussion: Innovation in Healthcare

In 2016, 296 digital health companies each raised more than $2M Analytics, genomics, wearables/biosensing, telemedicine, digital medical devices and population health management represent the top categories of funding. This plenary will present an understanding of our current marketplace and what it means for employers.

Principal topics:

  • Emerging trends and solutions
  • Leading vendors and how to evaluate a company
  • Perspective on best-in-class approaches and differentiators
  • The story of an employer who has embraced digital health for his population and what he has learned
  • How to navigate in a rapidly changing landscape
  • Readiness of Latin America to embrace digital health

David KaplanSenior Partner – San Francisco, Mercer

Eduardo MarchioriCountry Leader — Brazil, Mercer Marsh Benefits

Milt EzzardGlobal Benefits — California, Activision Blizzard

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