2017 Latin America Forum

The New Digital Workplace

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May 24–26, Miami

Breakout Sessions

These sessions will provide insights and data to help you make powerful business decisions. Breakout sessions are offered in both English and Spanish. When you register, you can select the sessions based on your language preference.

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Compensation Planning 2017: Latin America Forecasts and Trends

A tradition of our HR conference, this session presents a detailed overview of the compensation and benefits trends in Latin America, as identified by the Mercer's Total Remuneration Survey, focusing specifically on what's behind the numbers. By correlating information and indicators from different countries and contrasting the region's results with trends identified by Mercer's global surveys, delegates will have an updated overview of key current compensation and benefits issues and trends across Latin America.

Gerardo García RojasInformation Solutions Leader – México, Mercer

Christian PereiraExecutive Compensation & Pay For Results Leader – México, Mercer

Inside CEOs' Minds: CEO Challenge Survey 2017

Since 1999, The Conference Board has asked CEOs, presidents and chairpersons across the globe to identify their most critical challenges for the coming year in order to produce an incredibly compelling report that influences the market every year. For the 2014 edition, Marsh & McLennan Companies joined The Conference Board to enable the participation of Latin American leaders in the CEO Challenge Survey.

In this session, Mercer and The Conference Board experts present a detailed overview of the CEO Challenge Survey 2014 results and compare the region’s findings to challenges identified globally. Whether their challenges are in human capital, operational excellence, innovation, customer relationships or risk, CEOs will have to deliver through their people. Don’t miss this conversation about the challenges that CEOs in Latin America and around the world have identified for 2014 and the set of strategies that will need to be implemented to compete harder and ensure operational excellence.

Daniel NadbornyPartner & Global Consulting Leader LA – Argentina, Mercer

Special Guest TBC

Emotional Salary: How Can Intangible Rewards Improve Engagement, Reduce Turnover and Optimize the HR Strategy?

The phenomenon of people moving laterally from one company to another due to offers they believe are more attractive…and then regretting their decision after some months on the new job is especially common in Latin America. People don't appreciate what they have until they lose it.

Companies currently invest heavily in HR strategies to improve the workplace experience and enhance engagement. Over time employees become used to their environment, focus only on their base salary, and lose the Total Rewards concept, which includes Intangible Remuneration.

Emotional Salary is a program with an individual perspective, which helps companies and employees identify, value and optimize their total rewards, taking into consideration differences in age, gender, and hierarchical levels. This concept has been helping companies increase engagement, reduce turnover, improve the results of organizational climate survey, and validate the remuneration strategy.

Leandro RibeiroSenior Associate – México, Mercer

Rosa María EspinosaRegional Director of Compensations and Benefits for LA, American Express

A Holistic Approach to Gender Diversity: Leveraging Technology to Address the Unique Career, Health & Financial Needs of Women in your Workforce

Ana María WeiszWealth Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay & Women@Mercer Latam Leader – Argentina, Mercer

Special Guest TBC

Digital Recruiting – New Technologies for Hiring Best Fit Talent

Social, mobile, video, text, artificial intelligence, machine learning and gamification are all changing the way companies connect with candidates. Companies that don't embrace these new technologies won't be able to attract and engage the best candidates, whether they are outside or already in, your organization. In this session you will learn about new digital technologies that both improve the candidate experience and provide valuable information and insights to hiring managers. Find out how your company can make better hiring decisions by using new technologies and data to supplement human instinct in hiring.

Barbara MarderSenior Partner, Global Innovation Leader for Talent business, Mercer

Martin Ibañez FrochamSenior Partner, Talent — Latin America, Mercer

Interactive Session: Practicing Innovation in Health Care

David KaplanSenior Partner – San Francisco, Mercer

Special Guest TBC


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