Customized Development Programs

In-house development programs

Mercer also delivers private development programs tailored to individual organizations’ unique needs. Our customized program can be conducted in local languages using country-specific or global material. We tailor simulations and training to incorporate the client’s specific approaches to deals, as a kickoff for the corporate development, legal, finance and HR teams on an unfolding transaction, or address specific deal-related topics, such as risk mitigation for people issues, talent assessment/retention, and integration planning and execution.


By involving key individuals from an organization’s corporate development, legal, finance and HR teams, Mercer is able to create programs that help teams gain a mutual understanding of each other’s role.

We emphasize that human capital input is required throughout the deal process: in the business case, the purchase agreement and the integration plan. Mercer’s program helps organizations build personal relationships and team spirit, both of which are essential to high-performing, cross-functional M&A teams.

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