Workshop 2

Integrated People Planning

Workshop Overview

Taking workforce planning to the next level

The world of work is being reshaped — transforming employee’s expectations for their careers, their approach to work, the nature of the work they do, and the makeup of the workforce itself. HR has a unique opportunity to understand, plan for and manage these opportunities, and in doing so, acting as a strategic partner to the business.

The process that underpins this is Integrated People Planning (IPP), which involves more than what HR has been thinking around traditional Workforce Planning. IPP is a framework that helps organisations ensure that they will have the right leadership, culture & diversity, skills & competencies and people productivity to meet their business strategies.

Mercer's workshop will give you the essential knowledge and insights to help your organisation most effectively launch an Integrated People Planning process and work toward achieving long-term success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what integrated people planning is, and how it is different to other business and talent planning processes
  • Identify the key steps in the integrated people planning process
  • Translate the organisation's business strategy into workforce implications
  • Learn when and how to use analytics to support supply and demand analyses and future projections
  • Identify the appropriate tools and analysis to identify gaps and risks
  • Learn how to develop and deliver your people strategy

Workshop Outline

Overview of Integrated People Planning

Here we explore the Why, What and How of integrated people planning. We present Mercer's integrated people planning methodology, which forms the structure for the remainder of the workshop. We will also discuss the maturity of integrated people planning activities and how it differs from other processes within an organisation such as workforce planning, headcount planning and succession management.

DEFINE future demand

The first phase of the process seeks to understand the business strategy of an organisation and the internal and external factors that may impact the business achieving its goals. This phase defines the critical workforce roles/segments needed to execute on the strategy and develops scenarios which are an articulation of the internal/external factors that will have the biggest impact on workforce requirements. Learning is applied through a series of case study exercises.

ASSESS future supply

The second phase of the process qualitatively and quantitatively examines workforce characteristics to identify the current and future supply for the critical roles/segments identified. Learning is applied through a series of case study exercises.

DEVELOP the people strategy

The third phase of the process looks at future talent requirements (demand), what talent we will have (supply) and the business risks that emerge from the gap between demand and supply. We then evaluate options for filling the gaps identified. Learning is applied through a series of case study exercises.

DELIVER the people strategy

The final phase of the process considers how the prioritised options identified in phase 3 can be translated into specific actionable solutions and tasks. This is where the people strategy meets the people plans.

TOP TIPS for successful Integrated People Planning

In this session we share with you some of our top tips for getting started in integrated people planning, running an initial project, and how to build this into an organisational capability.

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